Jazzmaster and Jaguar Combinations

I’m putting this page up to help a guy identify the parts used on his highly modded guitar, but it may help others as well.

First let’s show a comparison of Stratocaster, Jazzmaster and Jaguar necks.

Strat and Jazzmaster necks are functionally the same. They are both 25 1/2″ scale. In most cases they are directly interchangable. Since they are the same scale, the nut and frets will line up even. Although some necks, Strats at least, may have 22 frets, the end of the neck heel is the same distance from the nut, so they will fit the same. The extra fret in accomplished with an overhang on the end of the fretboard.


The angle of this pic doesn’t show it, but all three nuts are aligned.
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The guitar in question is/was thought to be a Jazzmaster body and the neck has a Jaguar decal. However, the bridge has been moved back, toward the tailpiece which would be wrong for a Jazzmaster with a Jaguar neck.


The above pic shows that the bridge would have to be moved forward toward the neck in order to be properly in tune.
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The pic below shows how the measuring was done. End of tape measure is on the fingerboard side of the nut. This is the Jaguar neck so the 12th fret is at 12″, half of the 24″ scale length.

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Here we have a Jazzmaster body with a Strat neck:


This indicates that a Jazzmaster body with a Strat neck would retain the stock bridge location.
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Below is what I think is what we have with the guitar in question. It is a Jaguar, with a Strat neck positioned where it would be if it were bolted on to the body. (I didn’t want to dismantle the Jaguar just to show this.):


So, this shows the proper bridge position for this combination is close to where it is on the guitar in question, ergo I believe this is what the guy has.

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Here I’m including a couple of pics showing the difference in the body routing between the Jaguar and Jazzmaster. The guitar in question has been modded with different pickups, custom pickguard, and what looks like a Jaguar lower control plate. The active humbucker pickups that are in it would have required some re-routing of the body, but there are likely some clues remaining that would indicate which body it actually is. There are also some slight differences in the shape and size of the bodies, but a photo comparison would not show it, unless the two bodies were stacked.



The arrow indicates the hole for the mute plunger, only found on Jaguars, however since the guitar was modded it may have had a mute added at some point but it’s not likely.

There is also the possibility that the body and neck are both aftermarket or custom made.

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