Model: Bassix

Origin: Warmoth custom Bass Six Neck and Warmoth Jazz Bass Body


  • Warmoth Showcase Jazz Bass Body, Poplar, unfinished, routed for neck and rear mounted controls only
  • Warmoth Custom Bass Six Maple neck with Maple fingerboard*, left-handed construction, but with right-handed nut
  • Jaguar/Jazzmaster style tremolo tailpiece and bridge
  • 3 Jaguar pick-ups, most likely
  • Circuit: Undecided
  • Tuners: Undecided
  • D’Addario XL156 Bass VI Nickel Wound strings, .024,.034,.044,.056,.072,.084

*A note about the Warmoth neck: Usually, with Fender anyway, a maple neck w/maple fingerboard is made from one piece of maple. However, for whatever reason, Warmoth makes theirs using two pieces, one for the shaft and one for the fingerboard. Not saying that’s bad, but I was actually expecting a one piece neck.

For those who don’t know, in the early sixties Fender came out with a six string bass called the Bass VI. This was not like the six string basses you see today, which usually are like a standard 4 string bass, 34-35″ scale, with one lower string (B) added and one higher string added (C, I think). Instead the Bass VI added 2 higher strings (B and E) so it was tuned as a standard guitar, just one octave lower. It was also constructed more like a guitar, with Tremolo and Jaguar pick-ups, and closer guitar string spacing. It also had a 30″ scale length. This should not be confused with a Baritone guitar which usually has a 27″ scale and is tuned B to B (Higher than bass, but lower than guitar). Currently there are a few companies making this type of bass. The best known are the Eastwood Sidejack VI Bass, and the Schecter Hellcat VI. You can also get a Fender Custom Shop version. Update 1-11-2013: Fender has announced a Pawn Shop Bass VI.

I am thinking of a sort of “Wine Burst” finish. The edges would be that very dark non-metallic Midnight Wine color, with the center stained to something similar. Don’t know how to go about this as yet though. The poplar body has some nice grain to it.

I considered using a Squier CV 50s P-bass body:

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