2014 or 2015 Demina Double cutout Telecaster. Body built from scratch, Squier neck from Bettie, Strat style trem, single Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickup in bridge position with single volume control only. Top of body to feature abstract carving and possibly some dragon head carvings. Will be stained red and black.

This is the inspiration for this project:


Body as purchased, with neck. This neck is a stock Squier neck that I removed from Bettie when she was upgraded to a Fender one piece maple neck. You can see a bit of the original carving idea that I sketched on the top:


Tremolo rout done using StewMac templates:


Routed the back for the single pickup. My original idea was to mount the pickup from the rear and not use any mounting ring. That didn’t quite work out as you’ll see:


Used double stick tape to mount the blocks for routing the pickup hole.


The one at the top of the above picture wasn’t stuck down well enough and came loose, causing the router to cut into the spot where the mounting screw would go.


Routed neck pocket. Messed that up also. clamped one end of template at back end of body, intending to use tape to stick it own near the pocket but forgot, and the template moved cutting too far on the bass side on all but the last pass. I may need to glue a shim in there, but the body will get an upper cutout, which will remove most of that side of the pocket anyway, so it might not be needed.


Here I’ve done the upper cutout and started carving using various carving tools as well as a Dremel with various bits:


Bridge from GFS and pickup ring from Philadelphia Luthier Tools:


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