Name: Rachel

Model: Stratocaster

Origin: Fender Standard Stratocaster body and neck

Rachel is a Fender partscaster. I bought the Midnight Wine Stratocaster body (the lighter metallic version of Midnite Wine) that I purchased on eBay with the idea that I would use it to replace the body on a ’94 Standard Squier Series Strat (MIM) (Morticia). However, I also planned to change the pick ups, controls, pickguard and tuners. The only thing original would be the one piece maple neck. Since it was a very nice playing guitar as it was, and pretty good sounding as well, I decided not to mess with it that much. Instead, I got another MIM one piece maple neck (also on eBay – shout out to Michael and Christine at The Stratosphere!), so Rachel is now a completely separate guitar.

She is currently wired like this:

  • Position 1: Bridge and Neck in series
  • Position 2: Bridge and middle in parallel
  • Position 3: Middle only
  • Position 4: Neck and middle in parallel
  • Position 5: Neck only
  • Volume: Master volume
  • Tone 1: Neck pick-up
  • Tone 2: Middle Pick-up

This wiring scheme is from a superswitch wiring book from AllParts. I don’t really care for it though as I want to be able to use the bridge pickup by itself, so I’ll be trying a different circuit at some point.

Rachel’s name comes from the main character (Rachel Morgan) in Kim Harrison’s “Hollows” series of Urban Fantasy novels.

I tried something new on this guitar, a Trem King fixed bridge vibrato system. The main difference in this system is that the bridge and saddles are stationary. Only the block that holds the strings moves when it’s used. They claim that breaking a string will not put the others out of tune. I’m a bit skeptical about that, but I haven’t actually tested it yet. I haven’t used it enough to tell if I like it or not either. A bit of routing and drilling is required to install it, but does not keep you from putting a stock Strat trem back on if you don’t like it. There’s one screw hole that might show if you go back to stock.

Click here for pics of how I installed the Trem King.

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