2014 Demina Thinline Jaguar

Double-Bound Jaguar Thinline, body built from scratch, purchased neck, Standard Jaguar hardware and electronics. F-hole to be a stylized Raven shape. Creme binding on black or Midnight Wine Body.

  • Alder body blank, 15″ x 22″ from Best Guitar Parts
  • 2 pc. Maple Top wood, 5/16″ thick from One Mill (eBay)
  • Neck undecided. Will be a Jaguar neck, either Classic Player (bought for Enrica), Squier VM, or possibly an MIJ Thinline Jag Neck.
  • 62 AVRI Pickups with black covers

Pattern laid out on MDF for body cuting and chamber routing template:

Finished Template:

Body Blank. Since this is a standard blank it is 1 3/4″ thick. This needs to be planed down to 1 1/2″ so the top wood can be added:

Here are some pics of the jig I made to use a router to plane the body:


Body Blank planed to 1 1/2″:

The two pieces of maple for the top. These are about 5/16″ thick. The plan is to glue the two pieces together, cut the general outside shape, cut out the F-hole (actually an R-hole, R for Raven!), then glue the top on and then plane/sand down to 1/4″:

Binding materials and tools:


Body chambers routed, and body cut and sanded close to final shape. Will be finalized once top is glued on: (apparently I didn’t get a pic of this step!)

Top pieces have been glued together and left clamped for a couple days:


Top cut close to shape:

Raven-Hole roughed in using a sabre saw:


Finished up Raven-Hole. Glue applied to body. Using Tightbond Liquid Hide glue here, and soon found out I used a bit too much:


Top put on and clamped. This is Thursday night, 7/31/2014. Will leave it until Saturday at least. Meanwhile, I will be making a pickguard and a template for routing the top for controls, pickups, neck and trem.


August 3, 2014

Pulled the clamps off today, sanded some excess glue off the back. Took body to spindle sander and sanded the top edges down to match the back, removed excess glue on sides and got the overall shape close to final.


Will need to do some shaping around the neck pocket once it’s routed. Still need to make the top template. Have set up a time on Tuesday to use a guy’s planer to level out the top and plane it down to 1/4″.

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