Name: Ivy


Origin: 2012 Squire VM Jaguar SS Bass

Ivy is a Candy Apple Red, Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Short Scale Bass. She has been modified to look like Triela (Fender 50th Anniversary Jaguar guitar). Pickups are stock with covers painted off-white. I used stickers for the fret markers. Circuit is similar to a Jaguar guitar, except the third switch on lower plate puts the pickups in series. Made the mint green pick guard from material from Guitar Fetish. The tuners are from an unknown bass. I got them at a shop in Springfield because the medium strings would not fit the stock tuners. Strung with GHS Medium Precision flatwounds, set #M3050: .045, .065, .085, .105.

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Laying out the control plate locations:

Finished (well almost. Still needs to have headstock finished to match Triela):

Triela and Ivy:

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