Evilyn, the Demina Gothicaster, is a much modified 2009 Squier Bullet Strat

  • All chrome hardware and white plastic parts replaced with black ones.
  • Neck and headstock painted semi-gloss black (Krylon spray cans)
  • Pickups: Dragonfire Texas Blues Strat Pick Up set (This may change. Neck pick-up isn’t working. Don’t know if it died or if something I did came loose.)
  • “Bloody Bats” position markers

Here you can see the Bloody Bats Markers


Some Construction Details

Removed the lands between pick-ups to give more room and make it easier to shield. Did this with a mill rather than a router.
Copper shielding tape applied. Although it’s not supposed to be necessary, I spot soldered the joints to make sure all the tape was electrically continuous.

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