Name: Enrica

Model: Teleguar

Origin: Warmoth Telecaster body, Fender Jaguar neck

  • Body: Warmoth Telecaster. Ordered with Telecaster neck and control routs, 7/8 side output jack hole, belly cut and arm cut. No finish.
  • Neck: 2011 Fender Jaguar Classic Player w/o tuners (MIM) (The STRATosphere)
  • Tuners: Fender JagStang (thestratosphere via eBay)
  • Tuner bushings: Nickel bushings (the JagStang Bushings were just barely too small) (Angela Instruments)
  • Pick ups: 62 Jaguar re-issue (thestratosphere via eBay and Angela Instruments
  • Pickguard: Will be basically a Telecaster shape, but slightly larger to cover pick up rout. It will be either White Pearl or will be painted Midnight Wine
  • Bridge: Jaguar re-issue floating bridge
  • Tremolo: Jaguar import locking tremolo, in vintage position
  • Selector: Fender 5-way superswitch (if 3 or 4 pick ups) or 4-way Tele type switch if 2 pick ups
  • Controls: Fender CTS 1 meg pots
  • Circuit: Undecided

Enrica will be what I call a Teleguar, a combination of Telecaster and Jaguar. She is one of my more ambitious projects, requiring a good bit of routing and figuring out where things need to go. The body, pickguard output jack and control plate are Telecaster style. Everything else is Jaguar. Since I’m using a Jaguar neck she will have a 24″ scale length. I plan to paint the body Midnight Wine with Reranch Nitrocellulose Lacquer. This is the very dark, almost black, solid Midnight Wine color, not the lighter metallic color like Rachel. I am looking at different pick up configurations. Two pick ups mounted at an angle (ala Stratocaster) with 4-way switch, three pick ups at an angle with 5-way superswitch, or 4 pick ups, set up like the Jaguarillo. In the latter case, two pickups will be set together and wired as a humbucker, with the other two separate. This configuration would also likely use a superswitch. If a superswitch will not provide all the needed combinations, I will use a Jaguar switch plate to compliment it. All pick ups are Fender 62 Jaguar re-issue pick ups.

Enrica gets her name from Enrica Croce, the younger sister of Jose (Giuseppe) and Jean Croce in the Manga and Anime series, “Gunslinger Girl” by Yu Aida.

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