2013 Squire Vintage Modified Bass VI, Olympic White

Pre-ordered July 25, 2013 from Sweetwater. Originally was expected to ship in mid-August, but they were delayed and then only got shipped to stores a few at a time. Apparently Sweetwater didn’t order any initially until they got some pre-orders from myself and others, so they didn’t start getting them in until much later. I think I was the first to order one from them and received mine November 27, 2013.


Modifications done:

January 18, 2014

I didn’t get any pics while I was working on this. I do have some parts comparison pics and a drawing of the neck shim.

First, I replaced the Vibrato tailpiece with a Fender Japan Jag unit with lock. Straight drop in replacement. There are a couple of differences worth noting, but likely unimportant.

The mounting plate on the Fender Japan unit is quite a bit thinner than the Squier. ,064″ vs .098″. The arm bushing is also a bit different. The hex portion is thicker on the Fender, making the split portion shorter and therefore stiffer. (See pics below) While the Squier bushing is actually slightly small ID, because of it’s construction is slightly easier to insert the arm into. Both arms are 5mm diameter and fit plenty tight. The Jaguar arm is longer and the bend is smoother. I kind of expected the spring to be a bit heavier on the Bass VI unit, but the wire size is identical and they both feel the same.

I have also tried the Vibrato from a US 50th Aniversary Jaguar, which I believe to be the same as a US 62 AVRI model. The plate is even thinner (.050″) on that one and the arm is smaller in diameter (3/16″)

Part numbers are in a later post below.

Vib Compare

Arm Compare

Next is the neck shim. One of the first things I noticed was that the bridge channel was flat against the pickguard. In fact, after taking it apart I found that the height screws were not in contact with the bottom of the cups at all. I wanted more height at the bridge anyway so there would be more breakover angle and because I’m considering adding a Jaguar mute. For the shim, I used a piece of basswood, 1/16″ thick, 3/8″ wide, and about 1 3/4″ long. I cut some slots in the ends so the shim would fit around the neck screws and installed it between the back neck screws. (see drawing below) According to my rudimentary trig skills, this gives a neck angle of about 1.5 degrees. I’m not done with the action adjustments yet, but I’m close to where I want it, and the bottom of the bridge channel is about 3/16″ above the pickguard.


Afterward I installed new strings: Circle K, .094 set.

Still to come: I’ve found that the bridge seems to be off center. Haven’t really checked it, but it appears to be, so I need to figure out how to correct it. [*Edit: alignment was corrected with a shim in one side of the neck pocket.] I also plan to replace the pickguard, but I can’t decide between white pearl and black pearl. Wiring mods are also likely.

Pickup DC resistance: 11.33K, 6.15K, and 5.77K

January 21,2014

The post I made above was wrong WRT the 61 AVRI Vibrato parts. I was going by the packaging which was marked “62Jag” and didn’t check the part numbers. I would have swore when I bought ’em they were supposed to be the US version, too. According to the part numbers I have researched, the unit I put on my Bass VI is actually a Fender Japan unit, which explains the arm being the same dia. as the Squier. I have corrected the photos in my original post, and will correct the post soonest.

Anyway, today, I took the one off my US Jag (50th Anniversary), checked the fit on the Bass VI and it fits right in as well. I would expect it would be the same as the 62 AVRI, but I don’t have part numbers for the Anniversary model. The main difference in any of them seems to be the arms.

So, here’s the part numbers for the various units. I’m also including the Mexico made Vibrato as well (I assume this is what’s on the Classic Player Jag). Can’t guarantee the fit but I bet it’s the same. Someone might prefer it because it uses a screw in arm like a Strat.

US Anniversary Jaguar (assuming it’s the same as 62 AVRI):
005-4473-000 Arm (Note: This arm doesn’t come with a tip)

Fender Japan:
026-4261-000 5mm Arm w/tip

007-7422-000 5mm Threaded arm w/tip

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