Name: Bettie


Origin: 2011 Squire Standard Telecaster in Metallic Black, Crafted in Indonesia


  • Fender Standard Tele neck with Maple Fingerboard (Made in Mexico) (The STRATosphere)
  • GFS Lil’ Punchers Blade style Humbucker Pickups (Guitar Fetish)
  • GFS Black Pearl Pickguard (Guitar Fetish)
  • TNT Vintage style tuners (Dragonfire/TNT)
  • Black Import Control Plate
  • 500K CTS volume and tone pots (Guitar Parts Resource)
  • Fender Chrome Barrel knobs (Guitar Parts Resource)
  • Toggle switch for SingleCoil/Humbucking/Capacitor* modes
  • 4-way Pickup selector switch

I purchased this guitar on eBay, not with the idea to modify her, but because I wanted a Telecaster. Less than a year old when I got her, she was in mint condition.

I still have some re-wiring to do to get the pickups operating in series mode. She’s currently wired with the three normal options on the 4-way switch, Bridge/Bridge+Neck (Parallel)/Neck. Fourth position is currently “Off”, but will be Bridge+Neck (Series).

I added an ON-OFF-ON DPDT toggle switch. In the center off position, the pickups are normal humbuckers. The down position puts them both in SingleCoil mode, using the North coil (bridge side) on each pickup. This is not a humbucking configuration and I plan to re-wire it for the North coil on the neck pickup and the South coil on the bridge. With the switch in the up position, it’s in what I’m calling “Capacitor” mode. In this mode, the coils that are bypassed to ground in SingleCoil mode, are instead bypassed with a capacitor, .02uf on the bridge and .047uf on the neck. Haven’t played with this much, but it gives a mellower tone.

Had a bit of trouble with mounting the tuners. I drilled some of the holes a little off and had to drill the out, plug with some 1/4″ dowel rod, and re-drill. The plugs are covered by the tuners.

Got her all done, except the noted wiring changes, on Saturday, Sep. 22, 2012. Strung her up with Extra light (.009) GHS Boomers.

Unfortunately, I did not take any “before” photos, but here is a stock photo of a Squier Standard Tele (Copyright: Fender Musical Instrument Corporation):

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