March 2016

If you’ve visited the site the last few months, you know that none of the pages worked except the home page. Well, I finally got it fixed!

Not much other news to report. I do intend to work on getting the binding done on Lenore, also want to get Kalinda properly set up and some decent pick-ups installed. Want to get the mule done as well.

Summer 2014

Well it’s way past time for an update so here we are!

  • Fiona project finished. Need to see if I updated her page or not.
  • Purchased Sunshine, a 2001 Stratocaster off Craig’s List
  • Received Phaedra, the Bass VI I ordered last July just before Thanksgiving.
  • I didn’t mention it in the last update, but I will be building a Fender Bassman amp. I have the chassis from Mojotone.
  • Started Lenore, a Thinline Jaguar project
  • Started Daenerys, a Double Cutout Telecaster project
  • Started collecting parts to build a pickup winder.
  • Researching and getting a few parts for some home made pedals.
  • Got some more pedals including an EHX Double Muff Fuzz, and an EHX B9 Organ Machine. I hope to be putting up a page for pedals soon.

Fall 2013 Updates

Haven’t updated in a long time! Lot’s of stuff to add and I’m going to try to do so over the next few days. For now just a summary (not in chronological order).

  • The Nicole project is on hold since Fender has released the Squire Vintage Modified Bass VI. I have one on order (Olympic White) but they’ve been very slow coming in from Fender.
  • Started a new project, “Fiona”. She’s a MIM Strat in Lake Placid Blue, Late 80s Squire II Maple FB neck with matching headstock, and three Seymour Duncan Mini-Humbuckers. Nearly finshed. I used “Dakota’s” neck on her temporarily while I painted the headstock, but her neck is ready to go now, which means I can complete Dakota as well.
  • Started and finished “Esmeree”, a Gibson ’70s Tribute SG
  • Started painting “Simone”, but found she needs more prep, so she’ll be put together and refinish will be scheduled for next spring.
  • Same with “Francine”. Prep not done and I didn’t have enough paint. I did enough to see how the concept is and will refinish later.
  • “Enrica” is finally painted and final sanding is commencing.
  • I’m thinking of going to heavier strings on at least some guitars. I put some Fender flats (.011s) on “Chloe” and I really like ’em. Two SGs and one Jaguar, “Pearl”, “Esmeree”, and “Triela” already have .010 roundwounds and I’m thinking I’m going to try .010s or .011s on “Henrietta as well. Also going to be trying flats on more instruments.
  • Put some GHS .009 Flats on Rachel, but she’s giving me fits trying to get it set up (not just because of the flats)
  • Sookie is nearly finished. I don’t like the control arrangement so I’m changing that and then she’ll be done
  • I’ve decided that the whole digital modeling thing is not for me, so I’ve gotten a real Fender amp, (Blues Jr., Humboldt Hot Rod Model, from Pro Guitar Shop) and have been getting some pedals together, including a Wampler Velvet Fuzz, EHX Pulsar Tremolo, a couple different Chorus pedals and an EHX Flanger/Chorus.

That’s about all for now, I guess…

Simone Project Begins

I have figured out that Simone, a Chinese (?) SG copy body will have a Jaguar neck and a pair of humbuckers. Not much else has been decided. The shorter scale and neck placement requires re-configing the pickup, bridge and tailpiece locations, and that requires removal of the finish. At this point that has been accomplised, as well as routing for and gluing in a block of mahogany for the re-configuring. A Neck has been ordered and received.

More here

Let’s get this started!

I guess since I’ve finally put the site out in public, I oughta post something so it won’t have the big “Nothing Found” deal on it. I have finally got pages for all the guitars and basses, even if some have very little info and no pics. I will be adding things here and there, so you can check back or subscribe and you’ll get an e-mail whenever I update. At least if I put up a post about it.

Guitar pages are divided into Projects and Non-Projects. Just use the top menu to get a list of each. I’ll be updating these and adding some miscellany as well.

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