Summer 2014

Well it’s way past time for an update so here we are!

  • Fiona project finished. Need to see if I updated her page or not.
  • Purchased Sunshine, a 2001 Stratocaster off Craig’s List
  • Received Phaedra, the Bass VI I ordered last July just before Thanksgiving.
  • I didn’t mention it in the last update, but I will be building a Fender Bassman amp. I have the chassis from Mojotone.
  • Started Lenore, a Thinline Jaguar project
  • Started Daenerys, a Double Cutout Telecaster project
  • Started collecting parts to build a pickup winder.
  • Researching and getting a few parts for some home made pedals.
  • Got some more pedals including an EHX Double Muff Fuzz, and an EHX B9 Organ Machine. I hope to be putting up a page for pedals soon.

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