Fall 2013 Updates

Haven’t updated in a long time! Lot’s of stuff to add and I’m going to try to do so over the next few days. For now just a summary (not in chronological order).

  • The Nicole project is on hold since Fender has released the Squire Vintage Modified Bass VI. I have one on order (Olympic White) but they’ve been very slow coming in from Fender.
  • Started a new project, “Fiona”. She’s a MIM Strat in Lake Placid Blue, Late 80s Squire II Maple FB neck with matching headstock, and three Seymour Duncan Mini-Humbuckers. Nearly finshed. I used “Dakota’s” neck on her temporarily while I painted the headstock, but her neck is ready to go now, which means I can complete Dakota as well.
  • Started and finished “Esmeree”, a Gibson ’70s Tribute SG
  • Started painting “Simone”, but found she needs more prep, so she’ll be put together and refinish will be scheduled for next spring.
  • Same with “Francine”. Prep not done and I didn’t have enough paint. I did enough to see how the concept is and will refinish later.
  • “Enrica” is finally painted and final sanding is commencing.
  • I’m thinking of going to heavier strings on at least some guitars. I put some Fender flats (.011s) on “Chloe” and I really like ’em. Two SGs and one Jaguar, “Pearl”, “Esmeree”, and “Triela” already have .010 roundwounds and I’m thinking I’m going to try .010s or .011s on “Henrietta as well. Also going to be trying flats on more instruments.
  • Put some GHS .009 Flats on Rachel, but she’s giving me fits trying to get it set up (not just because of the flats)
  • Sookie is nearly finished. I don’t like the control arrangement so I’m changing that and then she’ll be done
  • I’ve decided that the whole digital modeling thing is not for me, so I’ve gotten a real Fender amp, (Blues Jr., Humboldt Hot Rod Model, from Pro Guitar Shop) and have been getting some pedals together, including a Wampler Velvet Fuzz, EHX Pulsar Tremolo, a couple different Chorus pedals and an EHX Flanger/Chorus.

That’s about all for now, I guess…

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